Starting a Cake Decorating Business – Advertising and Promotion, Part 3

You’ve baked the cake – it’s delicious. You have practised and developed your decorating skills to the point where even you are impressed by your spectacular creation. Now all you need is to let everyone else know what you are capable of, and that you are available for their weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and any other occasion that needs a professional quality cake as a centrepiece. Here are some more promotional ideas for your cake decorating business.Get to know local cafe and restaurant managers Many of these do catering for special occasions and celebrations – either as in-house functions, or as outside catering arrangements – and are always on the lookout for people to create cakes for them. Show them some good photos, or even samples of your work, and ask them to keep in touch with you regarding opportunities they may have. Become their ‘go to person’ for cakes.Enter competitions Showing your cakes in local agricultural shows or baking competitions is a very good way of getting your name and abilities known, and also gives you a chance to compare your skills and product with others in the field. If you win prizes, this gives added impact when mentioned in your advertising material, and can even get a mention in the local paper. Don’t underestimate this avenue of promotion – there is a lot of opportunity here.Do a few “freebies” It doesn’t hurt to make and decorate the odd cake for free – perhaps family functions, or maybe the anniversary of a society or club you are a member of – this is another good promotional opportunity, especially if you are just starting out. Make sure everyone knows who made the cake – you are likely to be attending these functions as a guest, so don’t be shy of doing a bit of self promotion. If the MC or person cutting the cake thanks you publicly, make sure you are seen so everyone knows who you are. This will lead to conversation and give you further opportunity to promote yourself and hand out your card. Remember that everyone attending these functions has their own networks independently of this, so word of mouth can spread exponentially. (And don’t forget that the cost of freebies are a legitimate tax deduction as a promotional expense!)Use a follow up letter to secure repeat business A few weeks after you have decorated a cake for a client, send them a follow up letter thanking them for their custom and enquiring as to their satisfaction with your service. A brief questionnaire may be useful here. Include a business card and a brochure, and invite them to contact you with any future requirements they may have. Repeat business is the lifeblood of any commercial enterprise, and the cake decorating business is in a unique position to take full advantage of this. Everyone has a birthday each year, every company has people retiring at some stage, and even though weddings are a one off, they generate an anniversary each year that many people like to celebrate formally. The opportunities are endless.Monitor engagement announcements in your local newspaper If you are working in the wedding niche, this is a great source of clients for your cake decorating business. Most people announce their engagement a considerable time before the wedding, so they may not have started their planning yet. Now is the time to strike – find contact details by using the telephone directory and get your name and your business details to them.

Spiritual Progress and Development Can Be Conscious or Subconscious

Spiritual progress and development can basically take place in two different ways:
Within and during one physical incarnation consciously and intensely working toward God-Union oneness with God. This conscious and direct spiritual progress is done by developing divine love in all situations of life. The practice of Kriya Yoga will ease and substantially speed up that inner purification and uplift of vibration.
Working gradually on your spiritual development during the course of many incarnations, moving step by step up into higher spheres of vibration until you finally reach God-Union and thus God-Realization. This is the common path for most who follow the path of busy life. Struggling in life and pushed by karma through a series of more or less painful situations until choices of loving solutions become more and more common reactions and actions in life.
The law of karma is the guide for all subconscious learning and spiritual progress.The law of karma says: Whatever you do to others will be experienced by you. Based on experiences, the majority of mankind learns through steps of trial and error. The conscious God seeker chooses to directly search for and apply solutions of Love.First have a look at the second one. Incarnation by incarnation moving upward with your vibration toward God-Realization. This means working your self out of the cycle of physical reincarnation, astral reincarnation, causal reincarnation, reaching soul-realization and finally attain God Union. In between the physical dimension of existence and soul-realization there are hundreds of different spheres to pass through. This is a very common way of progressing guided by the law of karma until you learn to directly follow your heart and guidance from God available to all mankind. It means that you may live a normal non-spiritual life without any efforts to spiritually learn. The divine creation is made a certain way that keeps people learning whatever life they chose. Subconscious learning. We act without thinking how, experience a certain result and compare result of other results from different self-made actions. We learn to avoid pain and remember the nature of actions that caused pleasure.The grace and mercy of the Divine is of such loving nature that everything we live and suffer through leads to a learning process of our soul. Meaning that during the course of numerous incarnations we continuously learn and spiritually progress, sometimes during the course of dozens or hundreds of incarnation. Until we finally find ourselves involved in a conscious search of the Divine, thus starting to speed up our efforts to progress faster and more directly without trial and error methods. Our soul starves for the love of our heavenly father, our cosmic eternal lover and we suddenly and willingly drop everything that could ever has separated us from becoming one with our beloved source of Love.As we drop more and more selfish behavior, desires and wishes that might have caused us to drift away from our beloved one, we come closer and closer to God. Starting to perceive first behind the dusty cloud of ignorance small brilliant sprinkles of the divine love surrounding us all the time. As we get closer to our source, we perceive more and more precisely the loving truth of God and ourselves as his divine children. Our efforts supported by our increasing enlightenment of our consciousness and awareness of his almighty love.Divine love is acting like an infinite magnetic power the closer we get to God. All we need to do, is just drop more and more of what ever was separating us from him and God will carry us back to our divine home on his uplifting power of divine love. The more we concentrate on God and his divine love, the more of his divine vibration of love is entering our being.Devotion of life and daily work to learn to love like God is the physiology of Kriya Yoga. To focus on God love and apply God love into all aspects of our being in all situations of life. The path of conscious direct learning to love is the advanced and bright way to progress without experiencing any pain or discomfort at all. God is love, thus God always offers solutions of love to directly end the cycle of reincarnation and return home at once. Love in all situations is the key to oneness with God, to God union. We always have a choice of consciously choosing solutions of love or being driven by pain causing karma to adopt a more loving behavior. The end-result always is the same. Oneness with God.